SIN DREI Network support pack for Windows 10

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      菊 千虹

      Long time no see.
      First of all, congratulate your company sell VIER on PS4 successfully.
      Acturally, There are increase many foreign gamer in VIER lobby recently.
      And our Cyber Formula game group have some new gamer join us.
      But on statistics, I count the success start ratio of network game,
      just only 13~20%.

      We spent much time on restart and waiting for new game,
      then always start fail again & again.
      After I discuess with Mr.魅影天痕 & Mr.IcyStriker.
      We want to lead our team go back use SIN DREI PLUS (Rev.E) to hold race.
      Use a gamer’s Host IP to connect other customer IP & play network game.
      (Rev.G have heavy connect delay, so we always use Rev.E to connect.)

      But we encounter a situation,
      Some Windows 10 user can’t use Rev.E to join network game.
      No matter the Win 10 user is HOST IP or customer IP.
      But Win 7 user haven’t this issue.

      So we want to ask, could develop a patch of DREI Rev.E special for Windows 10?
      We needn’t fix or adjust vehicle performace, and won’t expect add new cars & circuit.
      We just hope can play DREI network game unhindered, smoothly.

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      菊 千虹さん

      DREI Plusのネットワーク対戦はサービスを終了しております。


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