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        Dear YNP,


        There’s something that should be added to this game (and some of them are confirmed by your support team), and some will be great if it’s in the game.

        Things need to be fixed

        The overpowered vehicle
        One thing needs to be fix, the time of Asurada’s 2nd step booster should be equal to the remaining time of its 1st step (shown in anime). However, in this game, player can use the 1st step till almost 0 and get another 5 sec for its powerful 2nd step.

        Cancelled the feature of closing the 2nd step booster
        As mentioned int the anime, the 2nd step of booster is using the pressure charged in the 1st step. Therefore, the use of 2nd step is not just getting the extreme great acceleration, but also release the pressure charged in the booster. By that mean, do you think it’s necessary to force players to use all of their 2nd step booster?

        Under-powered vehicles (confirmed 2019/02/18 No.3380 & 3382, 3415 & 3422 by Support team)
        Issuxark-S: better acceleration when it’s using higher gears (4+) or its engine speed is sitting on a higher rpm.

        Garland: buffing cornering to a great level and lower the speed drop or buffing top speed without booster.

        Please bring back the manual edited starting grid/ Start position adjustment (Confirmed 2019/04/08 No.3415 & 3422 by Support team)
        One of the greatest online feature from SIN DREI, but has totally gone in VIER. There will be more interesting things to have with this feature. For example, when experts play with beginners, they can move beginners to the front letting them not just watching those better player disappear from the screen.

        Things will be great if added

        New vehicles (mentioned 2019/02/10 No.3368 by Support team)

        Some vehicles used in 2023. for example, Edelhi Bootsvorz’s Garland, Sera Gallagher’s Issuxark and Shinjo’s AOI vehicle (can be red NP-03 in sin 2 or EX-ZARD)

        Prototypes – vehicles buff one part and some parts getting worse with single color and nothing on it

        Asurada (full black or white) with even stronger booster (challenge 800 km/h) but rubbish cornering

        Garland (white as shown in anime or carbon gray with red stripes at the edge) with 2 step booster and current version Garland’s cornering

        Issuxark (carbon fabric black or matte red used for Sera Gallagher’s vehicle in 2023) with longer booster

        Non-drifting type Ogre (AL-Zard dark purple-gray for Phill Fritz as test driver working with Nagumo Kyoujirou) with long acting single booster

        Ex-Zard (Red with yellow stripes for Shinjo’s 2023 first half season vehicle) more powerful booster, but a drifting type Ex-Zard

        HP-022 (Blue-green for Franz & Lisa Heinel or Jackie’s champion winning gold vehicle) with better A-mode but weaker C-mode

        MS (metal gray or whole black) with quicker wheel reaction time but weaker acceleration

        Look back button (mentioned 2019/04/08 No.3415 & 3422 by Support team)
        You have mentioned that it is difficult to find a place to put a back mirror due to VR feature. Therefore, what about putting a button that let players have a look what’s behind them? Several racing game have this feature, and it might be the solution for this game.

        More realistic Grass
        Grass should very slippery. By that means, sand will slow your speed down and grass will make you spin, this might make players take a bit more risk while taking aggressive racing line. I would suggest to remove the slow down penalty from those grass area, and get their grip down to a super low level the can hardly turn and easy to spin unless slow down to a really slow speed.

        Gravel area penalty change
        Lower both deceleration and acceleration when in Gravel area. This makes player goes deeper into the sand area and more time to crawl out from that area.

        Wider run-off area (Gravel and Grass)
        Wider run-off area makes more punishment for making mistakes. especially the 2 U turn in Montreal. In fact, most of the run-off are too narrow in this game.

        Barcelona wall, curbs and run-off area fixed

        The grass area at T3 (the 1st 90 degree corner from straight line) might be great if removed due to it actually doesn’t fit the idea of a pure street circuit. giving it a double curb and wall next to it might make more like a street circuit. Also, the run-off area is too wide in T6 (the one with super wide run-off area inside) makes no one actually take the official racing track. Please move the wall next to the white line. Otherwise, everyone will just cut through that corner. Adding height (should be the highest one), width, and force push vehicles off it (whether it’s inside or outside due to the current curbs positions in Barcelona has some space outside those curbs) will make Barcelona more like the Monaco – CF version that drivers must ride on it to be fast, but will crash if takes too much.

        Some new circuits
        All the current tracks have at least one long straight, even Barcelona got one. Therefore, it might be a good idea to add a slow track that none of the vehicle can use their while booster easily like the real Monaco. Also, add another high speed circuit, but unlike Berlin, with narrow track and wide grass run-off area. For example, have a look at Monza, Silverstone, San Paulo or Suzuka. Those old tracks have some exciting elements that can be used in this game, like first chicane in Monza (upper figure) or those triple S (not like New Tokyo that cause it can be cut into almost a straight) (lower figure)in Suzuka S1 or San Paulo first 3 corner. Even include a track like Indianapolis will be great.

        Kind regards,


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