【PS4サイバー】アジア版発売決定!/9/12 Asian version will be released!

待望のPlayStationⓇ4版「新世紀GPXサイバーフォーミュラSIN VIER」の発売開始から1週間。

It’s been a week since the long-awaited PlayStation®4 version “Future GPX Cyber Formula SIN VIER” was released.
This time, the Asian version of PS4 Cyber will be on sale!

気になる発売日は・・・9/12(土) 12:00 (日本標準時/JST)です!



The release date you are interested in is … 9/12 (Sat) 12:00 (Japan Standard Time / JST)!!
*Due to the procedure on the platform side, the release could not be confirmed until the last minute.
It was announced at such a timing. I’m sorry.

The Asian version supports the following languages ​​on the PlayStation ™ Store.
・ Indonesian
・ Malay
・ Chinese (Traditional)
・ Chinese (Simplified)
・ Thai

[Caution] The supported languages are Japanese and English in this game.


For more information, please visit the dedicated website below!! (scheduled to be released on the release date)

PS4 version official website (English website)


Please look forward to the release date!