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記事No 3380
タイトル Re^3: Performance Suggest
投稿日 : 2019/02/18(Mon) 22:09:27
投稿者 IcyStriker
Dear YNP

Thank you for your reply.
> >The two ISSUXARK
> We also believe that S is slower than R.
> We will modify this problem.

The performance that ISSUXARK-S had in CF SIN DREI is much better than the one in CF SIN VIER. The S had good acceleration when it’s using higher gears (4+) or its engine speed is sitting on a higher rpm. I think bringing those back will at least solve most of the problem of S is lack of everything except its booster comparing to the R.

> >Garland
> > > We think that Garland is a good car for beginners.
> > > Improving cornering performance is a good idea.
> > I agree your point that Garland is a good car for beginners.
> We consider Garland as fast enough.
> But we do not think that it is the best now.

After doing some simulation and talking to some pro drivers, I think you are right. If Garland can improve its poor cornering to a great level close to ISSUXARK-R, especially when it is entering and exiting corner, it should be an easy to drive machine, while the ISSUXARK-R is sitting on the top spot in this area. Although lower a little bit of the speed drop after it use the booster may make it have some possibility of fighting other cars. Or it might become the weaker version of ISSUXARK-R since ISSUXARK-R has a 695+ km/hr booster(Garland normally get around 650 to 680 km/hr now, 690 km/hr only using really late booster in Berlin main(start/finish) straight).

> > Asurada
> We believe Asurada is not suitable for beginners because Asurada has transform.
> But we know that Asurada is one of the fastest machines.
> We will make adjustments to enhance the performance of other machines.

The biggest issue happened on Asurada (maybe also on some other machines having transfer system) is that it can have ridiculous cornering speed by using some expert called the CA skill, which is keep switching between AERO mode and CIRCUIT mode to make the car having the cornering performance of circuit mode and the acceleration performance of Aero mode. The following link is a video film by Mr.魅影天痕, who stands on the top spot of this game and the expert of Asurada, after I contact him and asking him about using this technique as an expert. I do not against this technique since it requires lots of time to practice and still having risk of making mistake. However, when this skill used in the straight, it is another thing. Losing no speed to correct the car direction as a car with transfer system means it is taking no risk of making almost any mistake in the straight. Therefore, I have spoke to some of the best players discussing about this, adding a cooldown to the Aero mode might be an option for this issue. The CA skill is quite useful and cleaver, but even the world ranking No.1 player says that it might be unfair to use this kind of technique because it breaks the balance between some specific machines, such as Asurada and Ogre. Mr.魅影天痕 points out that adding an one second cooldown for the mode transfer(Aero mode) might be the better option since a great racer should not rely on this kind of tricks. Also, Mr.みくま said that this is never exist in the animation.

Kind regards,


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