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記事No 3369
タイトル Re: Performance Suggest
投稿日 : 2019/02/10(Sun) 19:12:17
投稿者 IcyStriker
Dear YNP,

Thank you for your reply.

> >The two ISSUXARK
> 00-X3/S have a good boost in animation.
> We believe that 00-X3/S has a better boost than 00-X3/R, but S and R are basically the same car.

I understand S and R are basically the same car. But even the same car, with different setup they can have different performance. In this situation, S is a drifting car, which should have lower downforce (to lose grip for rear wheels) at the back to cause oversteering. As the result, S is losing a lot of speed “in” the corner compare to R is almost losing nothing in the corner. Drifting is good in those rally race due to they will have higher rpm when exiting the corners that gives the car a great acceleration in the connecting straight-line. There may have two option of balancing the 00-X3/S. One will be give it a better acceleration after drifting through the corners or higher acceleration in the higher rpm. Another is that if you decide to make them the red and white twins with different characteristic, maybe you can reduce the cornering deacceleration for 00-X3/S, make them the car using different ways to take the corner, but both good at cornering. In the current patch, the cornering deacceleration for 00-X3/S is punishing its driver too much and making drivers losing time in the mid and high-speed corners.

> >Garland
> We think that Garland is a good car for beginners.
> Improving cornering performance is a good idea.

I agree your point that Garland is a good car for beginners. However, changing only the cornering performance does not show one of its strength, a powerful engine from GIO. A way to do is that increasing its top speed without the booster, but top speed with the booster will stay the same. This may make it good but not the best everywhere except its booster. For example, it can have a top speed near 500km/h, but since its booster only gives it the power go up to 695 at max, which is not that good when there’s many cars can have 700+ in the game. This makes it more like the Garland in the anime that it is a really nice car (also said by Mr. Kazami), but because of the engine issue happened in Asurada, this car is design to have lower its booster power to avoid the high temperature cause by the booster (since the booster will make the engine temperature all the way up to almost the engine failure point, which what you called エンジン臨界点). Also, since you are considering giving extra booster to single boost machines, this may give beginners more choice of using boosters, cause if the top speed is good, they can use the booster to recover their mistake(s). Again, without the booster, there no reason that a car having 200 more horse power will be slower in the straight-line, except the engineer making huge setup mistake. Giving a stronger straight-line and cornering with a weaker booster is more like the idea of Garland’s easy to drive type machine. Additionally, if anyone want to master Garland, they will need to master their driving line and find the best timing of using their boosters wisely, not just open booster when it’s straight.

> > Asurada: Considering Aero mode has lower downforce and Asurada has one of the most sensitive steering system, it’s way too easy to control for players. Asurada and Ogre should be the two beasts on the field, but in the game, Asurada seems like has lots of room for player to make mistake. It should be a high-risk high reward type of the car, which if you can master the car like Mr. Kazami in the anime, you can win almost every game. Asurada has the same top speed as Ogre and Nemesis, but their cornering is way too good considering they should sacrifice its downforce for top speed and has no enough grip for the car to lower the turning radius. I think Asurada should lower the aero mode turning performance to slightly better than Nemesis due to its engine output is 1% better than Nemesis

In my opinion, if Garland is the car for beginners, then Asurada should be the car for the experts. But now, there no much punish for Asurada drivers making mistakes. I would suggest that its aero mode should be stiffer steering and have a cooldown time. This will require drivers need to have the correct driving line and lose Asurada’s great acceleration if they made the mistake. The instant switch between Aero mode and Circuit mode for fixing driving line made Asurada have more room to make mistake than other machines.

Kind regards,


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