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記事No 3365
タイトル Performance Suggest
投稿日 : 2019/02/10(Sun) 02:49:21
投稿者 IcyStriker
Dear YNP,

I have saw that you are thinking of resetting the rank, so I have some suggestions for the machine balance. I think these should follow the setting of the anime while also make sense in Automotive Engineering.

1. The two ISSUXARK: For having better performance in corners, the ISSUXARK 00-X3/II R can be consider having much higher downforce. According to that it should have much lower top speed and should have no chance to reach the ideal top speed of the engine. Also, can you buff the ISSUXARK 00-X3/II S for its top speed and booster acceleration? According to the anime, it is the car specialise in the straight line to against Asurada. However, in CF sin VIER, we can only see it sacrifice its cornering speed and its top speed is no where close to Asurada, or not even much better than its teammate. ISSUXARK 00-X3/II S should be more like a Drag racing car or what you called 直線番長 in Japan.

2. Most of machines without transfer system are having the same issue that their highest gear is quite useless when not opening the booster. I can understand that you may consider that the top speed that when using the booster, but for the racing engineer, they will average the acceleration rate for each gear to avoid losing time in a long straight (it’s probably the only time that using that gear). However, due to those cars who have no aero mode to lower the wing angle, which is affect the air resistance, makes those cars will feel like hitting a wall when shift up to 6th gear. Race car should be able to hit the highest rpm at the end of the straight without using the booster, but in the game, those cars drop down to a really low acceleration when shift up to 6th gear. The only cars we found that has no issue with this are the STRAT MISSIONELs, which they have 7th gear that seems like it’s only used for the booster. Can you tighter the gear ratio that makes players feel acceleration smoother while shifting up to top gear?

3. Asurada is too stable. Considering Aero mode has lower downforce and Asurada has one of the most sensitive steering system, it’s way too easy to control for players. Asurada and Ogre should be the two beasts on the field, but in the game, Asurada seems like has lots of room for player to make mistake. It should be a high-risk high reward type of the car, which if you can master the car like Mr. Kazami in the anime, you can win almost every game. Maybe adding high possibility to over drift the car during the corner is a way to go, just like Ogre. Also, the Aero mode of Asurada and EX-ZARD Z/A-11K are one of the weirdest things in the game. They has the same top speed as Ogre and Nemesis, but their cornering is way too good considering they should sacrifice its downforce for top speed and has no enough grip for the car to lower the turning radius. I think Asurada should lower the aero mode turning performance to slightly better than Nemesis due to its engine output is 1% better than Nemesis, and EX-ZARD Z/A-11K should lower the aero mode turning performance to be worse than EX-ZARD Z/A-11S or even switch their aero mode turning performance since EX-ZARD Z/A-11K has way higher top speed.

4. Garland is a car sitting in a weird spot after the Nemesis release since patch REV.O. According to the setting of the cyber formula universe, Nemesis is a car built in 2020, and Garland is a car built for the season 2022. However, what we see in the game is that Nemesis beats Garland in every field, better acceleration, better straight-line speed, better cornering, and most important, 2 step booster (2段加速のブースト) which give it explosive top speed. In the anime, Garland should be a cornering machine with lighter body by remove transfer system from Asurada. By the idea from its designer, Miss. Clair Fortran, it should have similar turning performance close to ISSUXARK 00-X3/II R and not sacrifice too much on the straight-line. However, in the game, its 108hp benefit and 8kg lighter body gives it a below average cornering (while ISSUXARK 00-X3/II R is one of the best), below average acceleration (again, ISSUXARK 00-X3/II R is one of the best after corner), and almost the same top speed after use the booster. The main problem Garland facing right now is that it has nothing good at, not good at cornering, one of the slowest car in the straight line, and its acceleration is not the greatest (although you said to me it should be better than Asurada, but with Aero mode, Asurada is way much better than Garland in acceleration). The most interesting thing I found is that Garland has been nerf its top speed after the booster several times during the patch updates from slowly go down to around 490 all the way down to the point that feels like I press the brake till it’s 473 at patch REV.P. In my opinion, 108hp is not a small number in a race, and every kilogram you save is a huge benefit. Therefore, giving one of the lightest car in the game a better performance in the corner (maybe closer but not better than ISSUXARK 00-X3/II R)and better top speed isn’t asking too much due to the machines has the same weight as Garland is SPIEGEL HP-022, and they are almost 200hp less than Garland(2050hp compares to Garland’s 2248hp) and that 8kg lighter than ISSUXARK 00-X3/II R (460kg compares to Garland’s 452kg). At this version of Garland, it makes Miss Clair Fortran one of the worst engineer in Cyber Formula since she made a car has so many advantages shows no competitiveness everywhere.

5. Extra booster for some machines: 2 step booster (2段加速のブースト) is a huge advantage in this game which gives those machines have it so strong in straight (especial Asurada’s Spiral boost). However, in the anime, the booster limits are only seen in Asurada and Ogre. According to that, it can be said that if the machine without 2 step booster (2段加速のブースト), it should be able to use booster whenever the driver wants after the engine temperature comes down. But it may make those cars overpowered with limitless booster. Therefore, I want to make a point that if giving those cars has no 2 step booster (2段加速のブースト) one or two extra booster at the start or give them one extra boost when they cross the line every lap, do you think it can balance the difference the normal booster and the 2 step booster (2段加速のブースト)?

Kind regards,


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